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Gregory Ciotti at SparringMinds.com had some great suggestions on speeding up you WordPress site. Why worry about this? If your site doesn’t load fast enough, you will lose customers. Not only that, but your site’s speed will also affect your SEO ranking. There can be many factors that contribute to a slow loading site; your host, too many plugins, large images, a poorly developed theme…

Here is Gregory’s list, but you can go to his site to read the entire post:

  1. Choose a good host
  2. Start with a solid framework / theme
  3. Use an effective caching plugin
  4. Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  5. Optimize your images
  6. Optimize your homepage
  7. Optimize your WordPress database
  8. Disable hotlinking
  9. Add an expires header to static resources
  10. Turn off Gravatar images
  11. Add LazyLoad to your images
  12. Keep track of and clean out your post revisions