A competent Web Designer will not only create a correctly coded, functional site for you, but also ensure that the site is optimized to be found by search engines.  Although there are several search engines; Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and Google, many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) students believe that you only need to optimize for Google.

According to Experian Hitwise, Google grabbed 70% of searches in the United States.  Some would argue that you should only optimize for Google, while others point out that by doing so you’re losing 30% of the searches.  However, by optimizing for Google you’re not ignoring the others, you’re just making your site Google friendly.

There are a lot of secrets to optimizing a site and if your Web Designer hasn’t studied up on it, then I recommend that you have another party check your code out to make sure that it is completely optimized.  An optimized site can increase hits significantly.