Why Hire Me For Your Graphic Design Job?

As a graphic designer in Westchester NY, I combine images and typography to communicate a client’s message. FaustEffects Design will find and/or create the right typography and images, and also establish a balance between them. I am the link between you and your customers. If you are looking for a graphic designer for your print job, I can help. Although I am located in Westchester County, New York (White Plains area) I can work with clients all over the U.S. 

If you are interested in web design, email marketing, or logo design I can help there too.

Danielle Holly Common Impact
Ric was a fantastic designer on a pro bono project we worked on together for a local Boston nonprofit. Ric designed a creative, compelling piece of collateral for the entrepreneurial arm of the nonprofit organization. He was effective in understanding the priorities and culture of the organization we were working with and translating that understanding into a design. He always had an upbeat attitude and met his deadlines, which is no small task when working within a volunteer capacity. I’d love the opportunity to continue working with Ric on future projects!