Do a search for “Logo Design” and you’ll see many instances for “Low-Cost Logo Design”, and “Logo Design Software”. However, you need to ask yourself, “How important to me is the way my business is represented?”

Free logo design software may have all the tools you need to create a logo and give it the look you desire. However, this software may be used by thousands of other people and the possibility for someone else creating a duplicate logo is highly possible. How embarrassing would it be to find out that a competitor has the exact logo you do?

A professional logo designer has the expertise you need to represent your business in a unique and original way. A professional designer will conduct market research, analyze your competitors, analyze your target audience and then create a logo using his or her creativity. This is something you can’t get with free software. A professional logo designer knows how to create an eye-catching logo to grab the attention of your potential buyers.

So when looking for a logo for your company you need to ask yourself if it’s really worth taking a shortcut since the end result will reflect on your business.

Check out my logo page for some examples.