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Layer Junkie had a great article on composite artistry, that I had to share:

Skills you need in the post-production heavy world of photography.

The Composite artist has the advantage in today’s world. We have the ability to fabricate reality in any way the client sees fit. “Add this, remove that, move that here… no wait, move it here… oh never, mind… I liked it where it was!” I’m sure anyone with any experience has had that situation. We’ve become the magicians, the miracle workers, the ones who can bend reality, space and time. Well, at least with photoshop we can!

It’s important to keep up with the industry and that means acknowledging the fact that the majority of images are altered in some way with most being altered significantly. Your bag of tricks needs to include at the very least an assortment of skills that let you alter, add, subtract, multiply and divide. Whether it’s a simple removal of a distracting element or the addition of a little bit of drama with a sky replacement… these are skills you must have. I’m not advocating taking every client and turning their idea into some fantasy world with dancing elves and flying unicorns. A composite, if done well is a composite that fools people into thinking it’s one shot!