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Email on Acid (don’t you love that name?) posted their 2015 Email Trends Retrospective. What are your thoughts? Do you agree?

Mobile design went mainstream

iPhone-icon2015 saw more people reading their mail on mobile apps thank desktop and webmail. With more than 50% of people opening on a smartphone or tablet, you should be creating responsive emails for mobile.

Hashtags became popular in subject lines

Hash-iconReturnPath indicated that they had seen an increase in the use of hashtags in subject lines. I hadn’t heard of it myself, and since subject lines are not hyperlinked you can’t really do anything with the hashtag except look it up on your favorite social site. Has anyone tried this? How do you tell the difference between people who connected through email and those  who came in organically?

Dynamic content tools hit their stride

Status-mail-read-iconPersonalization has long been a powerful tool. Within the last year, we’re no longer subject to using tagging for the fields. With the help of companies like MovableInk and LiveIntent, we can customize more accurately and effectively.

Marketing automation dethroned batch and blast

Although we all know that it’s not a best practice, most of us have had to “batch and blast” or “spray and pray” our email campaigns to huge lists. Now, we have more flexibility in getting our emails to the right customers at the right time.

Overhyped wearables didn’t change the game

Student-Google-Glasses-iconWhen Google Glass came out there was talk of how emails would have to change. Then, the Apple Watch was announced and again we were told we would need to prepare for that. However, it turns out that wearables didn’t make that big of an impact after all; Google stopped offering Glass for sale in January and the Apple Watch has not really gained in popularity, especially compared to the release of the iPhone.